Fantasy Football Advice - part 2 - in the game

5. Ray Rice: Everyone took notice of Rice's small frame, huge heart, and aggressive running last season despite losing carries along the goal line to McGahee. It may not be realistic to expect Rice to duplicate last season's performance and with the addition of Boldin to help stretch the field Rice may lose more open field touches resulting in a decrease from last season's numbers.

6. Frank Gore: Has there ever been a more quiet running back in recent memory that just shows up week in and week out without much hoopla? Gore may not be as powerful as ironhead Heyward used to be or as fast as DeAngelo Williams, but he effectively gets the job done and produces consistent fantasy numbers...and The DC Sports Page likes consistency.

7. DeAngelo Williams: It's all about the running game in Carolina. Somehow the Panthers have two starting running backs where both can eclipse over 1,000 rushing yards and plenty of TDs. It's too bad that there isn't a capable QB or #2 WR to help stretch the field and back off the S & LBs to open up more of the running game.

8. Shonn Green: Green should flourish in the Jets run heavy offense. Don't worry about LT stealing carries as there'll be lots to go around. It will also help keep Green fresh. His fantasy numbers should be less erratic then phantom of the opera discount tickets nyc further down the rankings due to the large volume of rushing attempts.

9. Steven Jackson: Jackson's numbers have tailed off from his last spectacular year four years ago, but still racks up impressive numbers at season's end. Expect some games for Jackson's numbers to drop off the map with a couple of giant fantasy game stats.

10. Rashard Mendenhall: As the Steelers leaned more on the running game and their 2nd year running back, Mendenhall should fans exactly what he was capable of doing. He has the ability to rack up huge fantasy stats as he can run short yardage and make plays in the open field. With Big Ben on the bench to start the season, Mendenhall will be expected to shoulder more of the offense. See this  wicked tickets charlotte nc

Fantasy Football Advice - part 3 - best advices

Most Overvalued:

Cedric Benson:
Benson had a career year last season. He's the classic high risk high reward pick is. Can he handle the full load through an entire season in and without any off the field issues? These issues land Benson just out of the ten.

Most Undervalued:

Jonathan Stewart:
Has the NFL and Carolina seen the best that Stewart has to offer? No. Stewart has yet to be completely healthy and splits carries with Williams yet has found a way to co-exist and keep fantasy owners and teammates happy, Imagine a healthy Stewart shouldering a majority of carries. A strong pick in hold over legues.


Jamaal Charles: Charles quietly amassed huge numbers towards the end of the season on a poor offensive team. As the Chiefs rebuild the OL, Charles numbers can only improve. As the OL improves Charles yards per attempt should increase. He's an elusive runner to tackle in the open field. Even with Jones pouching carries, Charles should be more fresh for some explosive runs.

Ryan Matthews: Matthew was drafted to fill the starting role left open by the departure of LT. He's a quick & strong rb with size. Norv likes to run and look for a lot of opportunities for Matthews.

Deep Sleepers:

Ronnie Brown: Brown may fall of the radar due to his return from injury. When healthy Brown has shown the ability to be a top ten fantasy rb. Bide your time and look for a steal in mid to late rounds by drafting Brown. See more: book of mormon tickets denver

Felix Jones: The hits are piling up and so is the mileage on Barber. Although Jones has yet to make in through an entire season, this explosive runner is sure to take more touches from Barber and threaten him for the starting role.

Jahvid Best: Kevin Smith is slowly returning from injury. Best is making the most of his opportunities and adds dimension of speed that Smith lacks. The first few games Best plays and performs (as Smith works his way back into the fold) may determine the rookie's fate this season.

Arian Foster: Tate could be done for the season. Slayton's season ended early last year with a neck injury and all of a sudden the name Foster moves up the depth chart. Keep an eye on this young rb in late rounds.

One Last Helpful Hint: Too much is made of drafting a starting RB's handcuff (i.e. their back up running back on the depth chart.) The real strategy should be drafting starters as reserves and ensuring that you have the best reserve running backs that can come in and start for you when needed. The only handcuff that should be drafted over another starting running back is Jonathan Stewart who garners as much yardage and TD's as a back up compared to other starting running backs.

Once all the starting running backs are off the board, then consider the fantasy potential if they became the starter for their team for a significant part of the season. McGahee, Sproles, & Bradshaw move towards the top of the list.

Good luck and feel free to send your questions to any of the team here.

Fantasy Football Advice - see more here

It's that time of the year again to grab those fantasy magazines, read all the same old websites Losenoidoomock, make your own evaluations, and start ranking players for your upcoming draft. Sure you can glean fantasy opinions just about anywhere these days so what's a little more information to add to the fold? Anyone that's followed The DC Sports Page of kolapadaar advice over the years has probably done very well in their league - see previous advice at  seo services houston tx

Let's take a closer look at the top ten Fantasy RB's this season.

1. Chris Johnson: Chris Johnson tore up fantasy leagues last season and there's no reason he can't lead the way again this year for fantasy running backs...especially when playing for a better contract.

2. Adrian Peterson: Peterson plays for what many have said could be the worst coach in the NFL. His rushing yards may have taken a hit last season as the addition of Favre (the first real starting calibur quarterback in Minn. in his career) helped stretch the field and take them one step from the Super Bowl. Peterson is the most complete running back in the league and is taking a back seat for the good of the team to share the ball in order to bring home a title. Peterson's stats speak for themselves, so let them carry you to as Johnny Drama (from Entourage) would say, "VICTORY!"

3. Maurice Jones-Drew: Without Fred Taylor to carry some of the load, fantasy owners received exactly what they expected last season...a giant increase in already solid production. Expect similar numbers to last season.

4. Michael Turner: Turner began to break down last season...was it due to the strong load from the previous season? It appears that Ryan is also tied to Turner and as Turner went so did the Falcon's offense. Look for the Falcons to keep Turner more fresh and for Turner to make the london seo consultant of his rushing attempts to prove that his numbers from two seasons ago weren't a fluke.